My name is Tony Graf.

I am a graphic designer from Sweden, this website mainly is for showing of my work to potential clients and employers.

Graphic design is something I’ve been doing professionally since 2001, I’m a creative person and I love expressing myself in art, music, and other creative outlets.

I am one of the founding members of the global art collective DepthCore, sadly my contributions to the art collective have not been many during the last few years due to work-related time constraints.

I would say I live for the “arts”, I can not imagine my life without music, art or film. These are all mediums I’m involved in during my free time.
As you can see by my profile picture I really love tattoos, I am of the opinion that people should have the freedom to look the way they want without having to be judged by society, as long as you’re not out to “hurt” anyone, I say look the way want.