My name is Tony Graf.

I am a graphic designer from Sweden, this website mainly is for showing of my work to potential clients and employers. I was born 1976 in Goteborg, Sweden. I’ve been living here all my life. I’m married to my longtime girlfriend Jenny, 2005 we became proud parents to our son Leeon.

Digital design is something I’ve been doing professionally since 2001, I’m a creative person and I love expressing myself in art.

I am one of the original members of the global art collective DepthCore, sadly my contributions to the art collective have not been many during the last few years due to work-related time constraints.

I would say I live for the “arts”, I can not imagine my life without music, art or film. These are all mediums I’m involved in my free time. As you can see by my profile picture I really love tattoos, I am of the opinion that people should have the freedom to look the way they want without having to be judged by society, as long as you’re not out to “hurt” anyone, I say look the way want.

One of my biggest passions is pinball. I love both playing them, modding them, and restoring them. I’m mostly a DMD/nineties pinball kind of guy. I currently own two machines at the moment but lots of pinball machines have been restored by me.
I’m planning to get more pinball machines in the future just as soon as I have the room for them.